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French D-DAY

French D-DAY

Paris Landing

Who says Big Games are exclusive to the States or Russia? Believe it or not, paintball trench warfare also sometimes happens in France… in this case, in Melun, just 40 km away from Paris. A beach landing like no other. By Thierry Bazerque/Photography by ROM123 The site was called FDP, and those crazy organizers managed to recreate a life-sized landing. For this event, more than 200 players were expected. When we got to the site at 9 AM, about fifty players were already there. Jean-Noël Péché (FDP organizer) had told us about this site and kept us in the loop as it was being built. We were all as excited as 12 year old kids, all trying to imagine what this field was going to be like. There were going to be four landing boats, trenches, bunkers… the game of a lifetime. But as we got out of our cars, we realized how wrong we had been. This site was unreal, so much better than in our wild expectations. On a gentle slope 360 feet long, 4 boats were set down on the sand, facing a well-protected beach, including 3 concrete bunkers overlooking the landscape.

Between the boats and the bunkers, Czech hedgehogs, hundreds of sandbags, over 500 yards of trenches. Some players were walking the field, overjoyed with happiness. As for us, we decided to wait and discover the field as we were playing—to make it even more realistic.  

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