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The first industrial approach of the sport

PMI (Pursuit Marketing, Inc.): Pioneering Paintball Markers and Paintballs

All first PMI Paintball images

Introduction: Pursuit Marketing, Inc. (PMI) is a name that holds significant importance in the world of paintball. Founded in 1982, PMI played a pivotal role in the development and popularization of paintball as both a recreational activity and a competitive sport. In this article, we’ll explore the history of PMI, their contributions to the paintball industry, and the range of paintball markers and paintballs they’ve manufactured.

The Early Days: PMI was established during the early years of paintball’s emergence as a sport. At that time, paintball markers were still in their infancy, and the sport itself was just beginning to take shape. PMI was among the companies that recognized the potential of paintball and played a vital role in its growth.

Manufacturing Paintball Markers: One of PMI’s primary contributions to the paintball industry was the production of paintball markers, also known as paintball guns. They developed a variety of markers that catered to different player preferences and skill levels. Some notable PMI markers include:

  1. PMI-3: The PMI-3 was one of PMI’s earliest markers and became popular for its simplicity and reliability. It laid the foundation for future PMI markers.

  2. Sheridan PGP (Pursuit Pistol): PMI acquired the rights to manufacture the iconic Sheridan PGP, a pump-action marker celebrated for its accuracy and durability.

  3. PMI-1: This semi-automatic marker was designed for tournament play, offering improved firing rates and precision.

  4. VM-68: The VM-68 was a semi-automatic marker known for its ruggedness and suitability for both recreational and competitive play.

Paintball Manufacturing: In addition to markers, PMI was also involved in the production of paintballs, a critical component of the sport. They manufactured high-quality paintballs that met industry standards, ensuring consistent performance on the field. PMI’s commitment to producing reliable paintballs contributed to the overall growth and legitimacy of paintball as a sport.

Legacy and Impact: PMI played a pioneering role in shaping the early paintball industry. Their markers and paintballs became integral parts of the sport, enjoyed by players worldwide. Over the years, PMI evolved and contributed to the evolution of paintball technology, leaving a lasting legacy.

Pursuit Marketing, Inc. (PMI) holds a significant place in the history of paintball. Their dedication to manufacturing paintball markers and paintballs helped establish paintball as a widely recognized and beloved recreational activity and sport. PMI’s contributions to the industry continue to be remembered and appreciated by paintball enthusiasts, and their legacy lives on in the ongoing development of paintball equipment and technology.




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